How Does Paint Colour Affect the Mood in Your Office?

Does your office need a lick of paint? Instead of sticking with the colour you currently have, why not take a few minutes to learn about colour psychology and pick a shade that suits your business? The colours of your walls can affect everything from focus and motivation to teamwork and employee relationships. Keep reading for details on how different colours will change the mood in your office and how you can incorporate them. [Read More]

Smart Colour Choices for Nursing Home Decorating

Decorating a nursing home is no simple matter. Choosing the right colours, shades and paint products is not just down to personal tastes – it's important to understand how those choices can impact the daily lives of the residents. Because the choices are difficult and confusing ones, you might be tempted to go for plain white or off-white shades and keep things as simple as possible. This is not a good way to decorate a nursing home, however, as the lack of stimulating colours can be boring and depressing for the residents. [Read More]

3 Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them When Repainting Your Home's Interior

Repainting the interior of your home is a fast and effective way to update and transform your rooms. New paint can revive tired walls, give rooms a more modern look and create a fresh and beautiful feel to your indoor space. However, getting your interior paint choice right isn't as simple as it might seem. Here are three common painting mistakes made by Australian home-owners and how to avoid them when repainting your home. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Rendering Your Dated Brick Home Is An Excellent Idea

If you've been considering rendering your dated brick home, then you may be debating on whether the expense is worth it. Rendering involves covering the brick surface with a layer of concrete or vinyl render, which hides the brickwork and creates a smooth and modern finish to the exterior of a home. Here are three reasons why rendering your dated brick home is an excellent idea. 1. You'll increase your home's value [Read More]